BroadcastThings Connect

A multi-protocol converter utility for broadcast applications.

Unified Access to Your Devices

BTConnect supports a large number of control protocols from various vendors of broadcast equipment, including DHD, Axia, Ember+ and others (see below for a full list). All functions offered by the protocols (logics, channel status, routing, etc.) are presented in a unified, tree-like structure.

With the built-in Protocol Converter, you can create rules that translate parameters from one device connection to another, across device types. For example, when there is an incoming call on one of your Prodys codecs, you can send the caller’s number to a DHD global label (via REST or Ember+) to be displayed in a TFT view.

For integration with other systems, BTConnect offers a built-in HTTP/REST server with WebSockets support, and also has a built-in Ember+ provider.

The Internet of (Broadcast) Things

By supporting the industry-standard MQTT protocol, BTConnect bridges the gap between the broadcast world and the Internet of Things. All device connections have a built-in MQTT adapter, and can instantly translate all device parameters such as logics to MQTT messages and vice versa.

Just a few examples of what you can do with MQTT:

  • Use Node-RED to design complex control systems and beautiful dashboards.
  • Build hardware devices like cough buttons or red light indicators with MQTT-enabled microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino or ESP32).
  • Connect broadcast equipment from multiple sites to each other, by using MQTT as a transport layer, either with self hosted MQTT brokers, or using a commercial MQTT cloud service such as AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub or Google Cloud IoT.

With the ever-growing list of MQTT enabled devices and applications, this will bring the integration of your broadcast devices into your IT environment to a whole new level.

Supported Protocols and Devices

BTConnect currently supports the following devices and protocols:

  • DHD ECP: all Series 52 devices - RX2, SX2, 52/MX, 52/TX, 52/DX, 52/RX, etc. - as well as well as RM4200D with TCP/IP-enabled core
  • DHD REST API (52-8577)
  • DHD RM2200D
  • Ember+ Consumer
  • Livewire Routing Protocol (Axia xNodes etc.)
  • WheatNet Blade ACI (new in v1.3)
  • D&R Airlite and Webstation
  • Prodys ProntoNet and IkusNet
  • Barix Barionet 50/100 ASCII (new in v1.3)
  • MIDI input and output
  • MQTT
  • Please get in touch if your protocol is missing, and we’ll check if we can add it.

For interoperation with third party software and devices, BTConnect offers the following outbound protocols and facilities:

  • Ember+ Provider
  • REST API with WebSocket Support
  • MQTT Bridge
  • DHD ECP server (virtual core with 4096 logics and logic functions similar to DHD)
  • XML file output
  • E-Mail notifications via SMTP
  • HTTP notifications via outbound webhooks (generic, Slack, MS Teams, etc.)
  • Hotkeys and virtual keyboard (new in v1.3)
  • Timers and pulses (new in v1.3)


Standard Advanced Pro/Custom
Supported Device Protocols - Class A (Mixing Consoles and Routers) Standard Advanced Pro/Custom
DHD ECP (Series 52, RM4200D)


Ember+ (Consumer)

Axia Livewire LWRP

WheatNet Blade ACI

D&R Airlite/Webstation

Max. Total Number of Active "Class A" Connections




Supported Device Protocols - Class B Standard Advanced Pro/Custom

Prodys ProntoNet

Prodys IkusNet/Quantum

Barix Barionet 50/100 ASCII

MQTT Client

MIDI Input

MIDI Output


Velleman K8055

Elgato Stream Deck (HID *)

Max. Total Number of Active "Class B" Connections




Virtual Connections Standard Advanced Pro/Custom
E-Mail Notifications (SMTP)

Outgoing Webhooks

XML File Writer

Dummy Parameters

Timers and Pulses

Hotkeys and Virtual Keyboard


DHD ECP Server (Virtual Core) - -

Ember+ Provider - -

Max. Total Number of Virtual Connections




Central Facilities Standard Advanced Pro/Custom
Protocol Converter

MQTT Bridge -